Thanks for being involved

What do I need to do now?

We know it is a commitment you have made to give us 1/2 hour of your time every few months. We hope that we can make your involvement as easy as possible and that you will at least enjoy the social component of having our research team visit with you.

When we first enrolled you into the study we asked you to fill out some questionnaires and then we took a 20-minute video. We know it felt weird! We are so used to doing videos as we do them all the time for training and research, but it feels awkward the first time. The second and third times we visit, we do exactly the same thing: questionnaires and video. That’s it.

Your being involved in the study will help women in future as we work out what are the options that really help women at this difficult time in their lives.

While you are in the study, here are a few websites you might want to have a look at:

Information on how babies grow and develop:

Raising children website on things to expect from your baby:

Tips on looking after yourself as a new mum:,9033

Information on wellness and feeling better postpartum:

When the study is finished (in approximately three months from when you start), you may like to discuss post-study options for support with us.

… and contact us if you have any questions: 03 9919 2334.